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General Extensions Care

Our clients have stayed with extensions upto 6 months, but we recommend 3 months because they will grow with your own hair, moving further away from the scalp over time. It's important that at this stage the extensions are either removed or replaced, otherwise you run the risk of damaging your own hair

1st week of extensions are uncomfortable, some people feel itchy and sore-This will go away after few days..

When brushing extensions try to use a soft bristled brush as this will cause minimal damage to extensions, a hard brush can often pull hair out, brush gently, the more care taken the better, Extensions should not get terribly knotted but as with your own hair they can occasionally get luggy! You will lose strands of hair while brushing, this is normal (bear in mind you lose strands of your own hair every day naturally) the hair is just hair which has not been caught up properly in the glue or has come loose. Try to sleep with hair in a plait, this will minimise chance of knots.

WE aim to provide an honest and friendly service to our Clients.


Extensions NEED maintaining and looking after, you cant have extensions because you think it is an easy way out of doing your own hair. They need conditioning, gentle brushing and straightening. They are not good for a hectic lifestyle! You have to be willing to spend time on them and have patience to look after them otherwise they will not stay in good condition. Longer extensions tend to be harder to look after than and last less time than shorter ones (15" or shorter) Extensions may take some getting used to, you cannot have twice as much hair and often 3 times the length put in and expect to get used to it straight away, some people have no trouble whatsoever but every now and then someone may have a sensitive scalp and it will take more adapting to.

Our extensions are perfect for instantly boosting volume, body and bounce and we can dramatically - or gently - enhance fine, limp, flyaway or "lifeless" hair,.

Some people choose to leave extensions for around 2 months without maintenance and then have them removed and a full set put back in but this can end up being more expensive. Others choose to come to us after 6-8 weeks and have a certain amount removed and replaced, or if there is enough of their own hair they just have more added. It is not advisable to keep extensions in for longer than 4 months as your re-growth can get matted and make them harder to remove. It is also good to remove them after this time to give your hair a good wash and colour if needed..